Word from the Director

I commenced with my career as a sales representative at Panasonic Stellenbosch in 1999. Within a period of two years, I accomplished all the aims and objectives that were expected by the Panasonic management, and for most of the months working with Panasonic, I attained the position of “salesperson of the month”. I have a great passion for my profession and my belief is that rendering high-quality service is most important.
My experience within this profession and still feel challenged and motivated to meet with clients on a daily basis in order to attend to their needs, offering an optimum service. I have come to realize while working as a salesperson that most of my clients would pay for services whether they need it or not, and due to my experience, I could offer my clients cost-cutting services in accordance with their best interests. I pride myself with this quality rendering an honest service to my clients, which in turn brands my service distinctively unique within this profession.