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We are the Telecommunication & Surveillance experts in South Africa

Since the founding of ME Systems in 2009 as a single branch in Pretoria, our growth has been predicated on one simple philosophy: understand what our clients need and provide them with the right solution for those needs. Just as importantly, the solutions we provide are not short-term, but consider the expected growth and capacity of the company as it becomes more successful in the future.
To put it succinctly – we build relationships, not just solutions. In every instance, we know that our ability to provide the right products and systems for our clients is far more important than a “one size fits all” philosophy and as we have grown to encompass all of South Africa with teams of experts in every corner of the country.
As a result of that growth, we have used our own strengths to be able to partner with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Samsung and Axxon, to further our own goals of providing true solutions to our customers.
We’re also experts at finding the sweet spot between the Vendor’s guidelines and what is commercially right for you. We have progressive tools for retention of our customers and whatever we do, we always measure, always analyse and always innovate.
In short, when you partner with ME Systems, you and your company have access to the most robust systems for telecommunications and security in the world coupled with experts from right here at home. We may sell products, but our success is due to service.

Mission Statement

Endeavour to supply our clients with the best available products at the most competitive rates.
Promise to provide our clients with the best service available in our industry.
Solemnly swear to maintain the highest level of honesty integrity, and openness.
Be determined to provide a complete solution in the corporate environment.

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Our vision is to become the biggest independent VOIP provider in South Africa and maintain valuable business relationships though unfaltering service and quality excellence and always be at the forefront of new technology and development.


Quality Servies & Excellence
Accountability & Ownership
Consistency | Efficiency | Intergrity
Loyalty | Respect

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Keep on investing in people not only our client base but also employees who strive to deliver only the best quality of service.


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Mia telecoms Dealer of the Year 2018
Mia telecoms Dealer of the Year 2017
Mia Telecoms Platinum Award 2017
Centrafin Top 10 Platinum Partner Award 2017
Mia Telecoms Partner of the Year 2016
Mia Telecoms Achiever award 2016
Mia Telecoms Platinum Award 2015
Mia telecoms Achiever Award 2015
Mia telecoms Achiever award 2014
Mweb newcomer award 2014
Mia Telecoms Gold Award 2013
Mia Telecoms achiever award 2013

Management Electronic Systems (Pty) Ltd received the first-ever award from Samsung Korea, 2017 Samsung Enterprise Best Partner award (Republic of South Africa)