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1Wat is VOIP-Voice over internet protocol ?

Voip is often referred to as IP telephony (IPT) because it uses internet protocol to make possible enhanced voice communications. The internet protocols are the basis of IP networking which supports corporate, private, cable and even wireless networks.

2How can I save money ?

The cost of using a VOIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone. Making long-distance phone calls are also cheaper when using a VOIP provider.

3What is FLCR-Fixed location cellular routing?
  • Fixed Routing refers to router-provided networking services. These services use routers (devices used to link networks) fixed over a network link to provide different data paths for fast and reliable transmission.
  • Line rental savings – monthly FCR line rentals are cheaper than fixed-line rentals
  • Mobility – if your office moves, FCR lines are freely moveable within the cellular network coverage area with no line disconnection and reconnection costs, or phone number changes